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A September Truth


        It was Groucho Marx who once said he wouldn’t want to join any organization which would have him as a member.


        We may feel that way about the church as the kingdom of God. However, the Kingdom is God’s and He will determine who enters and who is refused entrance. God will not permit institutions or individuals to take the prerogative that belongs to Him.


        The promise of the Kingdom is both a source of judgment and one of the ultimate hope. We need to look at both facets. The spirit of God is invested in the Church and His Spirit keeps pressing toward a vision of redemptive love and a community which holds us to a new understanding of life.


        This community is intended by God to be a sign of the world of a new age in which the tensions and divisions which threaten the very survival of humanity are overcome. This is our “High Calling”. The fact that this is a difficult role is not to be denied. The fact that the church has done poorly is evidence in history.


        But the fact that we have not done well and that it is difficult is not an excuse for not facing up to this challenge of Christ. The judgment is that even though the church is meant to be a window through which we can look at the promise of a new age with hope, the fact is that rather than being a window, we are a mirror. All that we see when we look at the church are the maladies that confront us in the world.


        The church reflects the world, and because this is the case the church is not taken as a serious form of hope with a power to encourage and transform the world. Yet, there is hope. I’m not one much for fire and brimstone sermons that evoke fear, but a cold dousing of reality is medicinal.


        We know that someday we will die. Our illusions of immortality blind us to our condition before God. To meditate on death is not morbid or medieval. It is the “September truth.”


Squarely faced, it can help free us from procrastination. It can help motivate us into being what we were meant to be. When we are so motivated, the Church can be that window of hope rather than the mirror of reflection.


        God’s intentions were clear about who he desires to be in His kingdom and this is our high calling. If you are interested as to whether this includes you, read John 3:16-17.




Bishop Brown's visit




Birthdays And Anniversaries










Birthday                                                                               Anniversary


4th    Holly Purpur                                               11/16 Todd & Stacy Smith

4th     Jordan Champlin                                        11/19 Chris & Beth Tyler

5th    Lauren Champlin

7th    Chris Walls

10th  Kenny Spicer                             

12th   Bonita Wilmer

13th   Jace Carroll

17th  Geraldine Taylor                                                          

21st  Evelyn Calloway

30th   Barbara Truitt

30th   Eleanor L. Stump












Birthday                                                                                              Anniversary’s






2nd       Jeff Dolby

2nd Jenn Fleming                                              3rd Levi & Abby Wilkerson

3rd     Russell Murray

4th     Tom Thomas

8th  Ellie Guest

11th      John Koenning

12th      Sierra Spicer

13th      Brian Calloway

                                                                         17th Carl & Katherine Bergmark


14th      Dixie Northam           

                                                                         20th Ned & Norma Jean Fowler


18th      Kara Fleming

24th      Kelley Johnson Layton

27th      Mark Sheridan


29th      Tracy Torbert                                      29th Kenny & Matia Spicer


                                                                        31st  Jeff & Wendy Dolby