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The Apostle

St. Philip’s Episcopal Church

November 2015

Margaret Anderson, Managing Editor

Joanne Czernik, Editor

Nancy Schlicker, Photographer

Charles and Barbara Wise, Distribution


by Rev. Dr. Howard Backus


A Call to Personal Commitment

                We are living in interesting times.  Our world is changing so radically and quickly that it is impossible to predict future trends.  This is true in the work place, in education, in medicine and in religion, to name a few.

               Christians are becoming a minority in the Western Hemisphere.  Vast numbers of people in our own culture have little knowledge of the fundamental aspects of the Christian heritage.  We are in an age where we cannot assume our children will grow up as Christians, much less have the desire.  Will the church be able to meet the challenges proposed from subverted family values, economic pressures and disparity, educational disintegration and voracious consumerism?

Yes we can!  But, we have to see the need and meet it.  The answer, believe it or not, is stewardship.

Stewardship is more than raising money.  It is commitment to the call of Christ to be about God's work, as if it were the most important work, which indeed it is.  Stewardship is about living out of a model and attitude of thankfulness.

          Intentional evangelism, disciplined lifestyles, and well designed programs of education; service and outreach help us to carry out Christ’s mission of redemption.  We have been blessed in many ways so that we can be a blessing to others, that God might be blessed.  This is my vision and theological response of gratitude to our God and God’s vessel the local parish.

         I invite you to participate generously with your money, abilities and time in your church.  We do not go outside the church to meet our budget needs.  Our budget is determined by those of us who call St. Philip’s our church.  Give generously as we plan for the next generation, maintain suitable facilities that are being demanded of us, fund needed personnel, and participate in the programs of Scriptural study, spiritual values and Christian community formation through worship and education

            You should have received a pledge card in the mail. If you pledged this past year, I hope you will consider doing so again.  If you did not make a pledge in 2015, I hope you will do so for 2016.  The more members participating the healthier we will be.  

I challenge all of us to make a much needed investment in the mission of the church, our children's future and the needs of the people in our community.  We can do this as we respond faithfully to our purpose as a church of God to "create a Christian atmosphere where everyone can worship Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, accepting all persons as they are, supporting them in hard times and sharing the joy and thanksgiving of good times; nurture growth of our faith through worship, study, and service, whereby each of us recognizes and accepts our God given gifts and talents, then uses them to minister with St. Philip’s, our community, and the world.”  HGB+





November  1   All Saints’ Day
November  8   Sunday,  ECW meeting,  Memorial Hall,  ~11:30,  ( following 10:30 service) 
November 11  Wednesday,  Veterans’ Day
November 15   Sunday, Vestry Meeting, Noon 
November 21  Saturday, Parish Life Day,

                                 St. Anne’s School, Middletown, DE, 8:30

November 25  Wednesday, Community Thanksgiving Service,                       

                              Centenary United Methodist Church, 7:00 p.m.

November 26  Thanksgiving Day

                  Eucharist at Old Christ Church, 10: 00 a.m., dress warmly

November 29th    Sunday . Advent Begins

                      Advent  Wreath Workshop

          October was a very busy but productive and often fulfilling month for the women of St. Philip's. We have seen positive changes to the kitchens in the form of a new commercial refrigerator in the small kitchen purchased jointly by the vestry and the women. We would like to thank the vestry for partnering in this endeavor. Cheryl Martin and Judy Sheridan deserve a big thank you for all the work they put into finding the best appliance to fit our needs. 

We would be amiss if we didn't thank the Dioceses of Delaware for the donation of a commercial dishwasher that will soon be installed in the big kitchen. Bill Martin and Jeff Dolby were so kind as to give up their day to go to Wilmington to retrieve and transport it to us and we can't thank them enough.

As for the activities and dinners we served, as always we couldn't accomplish them without the help of so many parish members, thank you all. We served a luncheon for the women from St. John's Church   attending a seminar, the Harvest Festival for the Sunday school, and a dinner for the Laurel Historical Society.

At the present time we are working on the annual Chinese Auction scheduled for November 14th. Along with the auction items we will have hotdogs, chili, baked goods, and snacks available. Should you have items you wish to donate to the auction please leave then in the Memorial Hall when the church is open. This is always an enjoyable evening and please plan to attend.


On our schedule for November:




           1) The Lioness Mother-Daughter dinner on November, 5th                                       

            2) Masonic Lodge dinner on November 17th



            1) St. Philip's ECW monthly meeting Nov. 8. We meet the second Sunday of every month following the 10:30 AM service so please join us.

            2) The Delaware Annual ECW meeting will be held at Parish Life Day, November 21



Brochures are available in the office for this event.  You can also register on line at . Over 15 different workshops are presented.  Some of them include  information about parenting teens, understanding cross –cultural differences, improving your photography, and how to bring your parish into the technological age.

The Reverend Scott Gunn will be the main speaker.  He is described as a “technophile. “  “He will [discuss] parish communications in today’s ever-changing techno crazed world.”  Registration for the event is $20 per person.  The money must be received ahead of time.  Deadline for registration is November 11, 2015. If you have any questions,  contact Cynde Bimbi at (302) 256-0374, Ext. 106.   The date is Saturday, November 21, 8:30 a.m.– 3:15 p.m.   At St. Anne’s Episcopal School, Middletown, DE. 




                Birthdays This Month!!




   4th   Holly Purpur

   5th   Lauren Hitch

   7th   Chris Walls

 10th   Kenny Spicer

 17th       Geraldine  Taylor

 23rd       Alan Schweitzer

 27th    Len Hickman

 30th    Ruth Hickman

 30th       Eleanor L. Stump

 30th   Barbara Truitt





  Todd and Stacy 



  Chris and Beth




Sunshine Ministry


If you know of anyone who is ill or recovering and could use a kind word, contact:

Geraldine Taylor at



Altar Flowers


If you would like to put flowers on the altar in memory of loved ones or in honor of someone or something special, please call

Laurie Anderson, inSt. Philip’s office at






Prayers For Those In Need




Tate Anon

Vincent E. Booker

Duane Chadwick

Robert Christie

Gerald Cordrey

Hilda Cork

John T. Culver

Nicholas Davis

Mary Ann Fasold

Carol Frederick

David Garner




Brayden Houston

Dr. Scott Hansen

Scotty Lawrence*

David B. Lowe

Fred O’Neal

Beth Parker*

Allen Russell
June Russell

Officer Ricky Richardson

Salina Schirtzinger*


Debbie Sheridan

Mike Simmons*

Helen Turner

Barbara Westfall

Auroroa Willett

Golda Williamson

Becky WarringtonDaniel  G.                                  


*Those serving in the military


How to Contact Us

Office Hours

If  you would like to reach us you may call the office  at (302)  875-3644  between   9 a.m.  and 1 p.m., Monday —Thursday

 Our Rector

The  Rev. Dr.    Howard Backus, has office hours on  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and  Thursdays.  You may  also reach him  on his cell phone at:

(302)  604-3441


    or  by e-mail at:


reach him  on his cell phone


(302)  604-3441     


    or  by e-mail at:



Pastoral Care Team

 Should  you  need  to talk to  one of  our    Pastoral Care Team, call any  of the  people listed below:




Ray Guest 


     (302) 875-1171




Charles Wise


     (302) 875-5537




Sarah  Christie



(302) 875-3517



William C. Martin, Senior Warden  

     (302) 875-2723


 Jeff Dolby,


 Junior Warden

      (302) 875-3902


Harvey Dolby


      (302) 875-7607


Jennifer Flemming


    ( 610) 703-5452


Jane Givens


     (302) 629-4319



Martin Johnson, III

     (302) 875-2513


Dr. Eleanor Stump

     (302) 875-5602     


Beth Tyler

      (302) 245-5329


Clerk of the Vestry

 Margaret Anderson

     (302) 846-3034



Alan Schweitzer

     (302) 875-3878


Don’t forget the

                                Chinese Auction

                           November 14, 2015


Doors open at 5:30; Auction begins at 6:00 p.m.

Food and Drink are available for purchase.